Using Essential Oils to Take Control of Health and Wellness

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In this industrialized world we live in toxins are all around us which can wreck havoc on our health and well-being. Limiting chemicals and boosting our immune system is vital to our wellness. It is possible to take control of our health by taking positive steps to nourish our bodies to function properly. This post will share information on how to use essential oils to take control of health and wellness.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential Oils are aromatic liquids that give each plant its unique fragrance such as a lemon or peppermint. These oils in their pure, unadulterated form can trigger responses in the physical body as well as the central nervous system when rubbed on the skin or inhaled. Because our sense of smell is our most emotional sense different fragrances can change mood, the ability to breath clearer and even digestion!

Many essential oils can be adulterated by companies to provide a cheaper product to unsuspecting consumers looking for a discount. Essential oils can be diluted with chemicals and benzyl alcohol. These constituents can be harmful and sometimes even toxic.

If you are simply looking for nice smells then most essential oils will do, but if you are interested in improving health and well-being then therapeutic essential oils are recommended and used by health professionals. Therapeutic grade essential oils work to promote balance and inspire the entire body. They work to enhance peace of mind, boost energy and improve mood. Click here to learn where to buy high grade therapeutic essential oils.

Essential Oils to Take Control of Health and Wellness:

Essential oils can be used for many physician, spiritual and emotional reasons. They can be used on just about anyone and even on pets. *With the exception of cats. There are cautions to take with them! Also some oils may not be suitable on infants and small children. 

  • Lemon- This oil is a powerful antioxidant and known for its ability to clean toxins from the body. It is uplifting to the body and the mind and can improve concentration. It makes a great addition to a natural first aid kit as it cleanse the wound and promote healing. A high grade therapeutic brand such as Young Living can be used as a dietary supplement, diffused or applied on chakras/vitaflex points.
  • Peppermint- This oil has been used for centuries for stomach problems and is great to have included in the medicine cabinet. It can be applied directly to the abdomen and temples to ease discomfort, diffused, or massaged into vitaflex point on the bottom of the foot. It is a great way to increase energy, improve concentration and alertness.
  • Lavender- This oil is an adaptogen meaning that it adapts to each person in a unique way based on the needs of the body. It has been used as a way to relax and wind down but also as a way to create stamina and energy. It is a great way to soothe cuts, burns and other skin irritations. It can also be used to freshen laundry or to enhance the flavor of foods.
  • Frankincense- This oil has been used by different cultures as a holy oil for religious ceremonies because of its ability to improve spiritual connection. It is a great oil to used when one needs the mind to be centered and to overcome stress and despair. It is also an important ingredient in skin care products for anti-aging and dry skin due to its rejuvenating properties. It can be used in a diffuser, applied directly to the skin or even rubbed on the bottom of the feet to release nervous energy.

Adding therapeutic grade essential oils can be a simple and empowering way to balance health and wellbeing for the entire family. If you are looking for non-toxic, chemical free alternative to health and wellbeing Essential Oils are the answer. You can learn more about essential oils in my FREE Essential Oils 101 e-course by signing up here. If you are interested in ordering therapeutic grade essential oils for you and your family I recommend the Premium Starter Kit as it is the best value and contains the oils listed above as well as 7  amazing blends, a diffuser and some other goodies! You can click here to learn how to get the oils.

Do you use essential oils? Which is your favorite and how do you use it?

Essential Oils for Wellness



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