***Services can be offered on either a group or private basis. E-mail to inquire.

Mommy & Me Outdoor Workout

Perfect workout and bonding time for families and playgroups! Mommy & Me classes include stroller walk/jog along one of San Diego’s beautiful outdoor locations, interval workouts (yoga, barre, pilates, plyometrics) and lots of playtime afterwards! Workout: 1 hour.

Want to suggest a location/day/time for a Mommy & Me class? Send an email with a suggestion. We would love to try and accommodate!

Mommy & Me Workshop

Class is offered in two different levels, pre-crawlers and toddlers 2-5 years old.  This class will help you to bond with your baby as well as regulate digestion and sleep patterns, decrease tantrums, improve gross and fine motor skills and learn a healthy and physically fit lifestyle. Workout: 1 hour.

Prenatal Yoga

Postures and breathing techniques are used to help relieve common pregnancy ailments such as morning sickness, headaches, sciatica, as well as many others.  Prenatal yoga is a great way to help build stamina and endurance to physically prepare for labor while lessening pain in labor and helping to make overall labor shorter. In addition, prenatal yoga improves birth weight, decreases preterm labor and also decreases intrauterine growth retardation. Email to get more information on classes.

Prenatal Labor Preparation Workshop

This two hour Prenatal/Labor Preparation workshop teaches visualization and breathing techniques to increase relaxation and helps prepare for labor as well as mediation to connect with baby during pregnancy.

Exercises such as yoga, pilates and belly dancing are used to help with common pregnancy symptoms and prepare body for labor by increasing endorphins and serotonin and decreasing one’s need to actively respond to unpleasant physical sensations. Fathers-to-be will learn about natural, loving ways to help keep expecting mothers calm and relaxed during the pregnancy and childbirth. Cost is $45 for Moms only; $75 for couples (can bring doula or non-pregnant friend/family member.) Email for more information.

Private Yoga Instruction

This is perfect for anyone looking to deepen their practice and learn proper alignment.  Can be done in multiple locations such as home, studio, or outdoors. Can teach 1 on 1 or groups up to 20! Perfect for Employers wanting to provide fun, healthy options for employees at lunch or before/after work! Email for more information.

Reiki Energy Healing and Chakra Balancing

Light healing touch is used for stress reduction, relaxation and as a way to promote healing. Helps to remove blockages to Chakra energy sources and leaves you feeling great and re-energized. Safe during pregnancy and useful for reducing anxiety.  Email for a free consultation.

Fertility and Birth Preparation Consulting

Meeting in either a private or Skype session to learn about supplements, mind-body techniques and physical exercises that are specifically designed for conception and pregnancy.  The information learned promotes health and well-being in the mother which reduces stress and physical complications when trying to conceive and during pregnancy. Email for more information.

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