Fermented Beet Kvass

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It’s Fermented Friday and time for another recipe for a newfound health drink that I stumbled upon as I try to make all kinds of homemade, healthy foods and drinks.

I love beets! They are so yummy and earthy tasting, and they have tremendous health benefits, including purifying your blood. They are great in salads, juiced, sautéed with sweet potatoes, and roasted. Having explored through hoards of fermenting recipes the past few weeks I came across a recipe for homemade Beet Kvass. What a fancy name! What is this concoction? I had never even heard about it, yet my love of fermentation and my love of beets were telling my body that this was something I needed to try!

This post will share with you just how easy this is and drinking 4 ounces each morning and evening have shown to lower blood pressure, purify the blood, aid in digestion and detoxify the liver. It is rich in B vitamins and minerals such as copper, potassium and magnesium. It is a great health tonic to add to any diet.


Beets (3-4) peeled and chopped (save the discarded greens for yummy salad or sauteed with garlic and onion)
3 tbs sea salt
Filtered water

Place the chopped beets, in a large glass jar (1/2-1 gallon) add salt and cover with water. Cover with either a paper towel or tea towel and secure with a rubber band. Let the mixture sit on your counter for 3 days then bottle the liquid saving the beets, and a few tablespoons of liquid to brew a second batch. Add about a tbs more of salt and add water to cover and repeat the fermentation process for 2 days and bottle. When the beet kvass has been bottled let it sit in a cool, dry place for another day or two to allow for them to ferment for a couple more days. Place the jars in the fridge where they can stay until you are ready to drink.

Basically the brew tastes like salted beet juice. It has a very earthy, salty taste. Mine did not have the same carbonation taste that I am used to in fermented drink, but it was yummy nonetheless and gave me tremendous energy! I feel so great after I have a glass and really enjoy it.

Have you tried Beet Kvass? Please share your thoughts and experience!

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