Stop Wasting Money on Essential Oils

As a certified aromatherapist and health advocate, it makes me so happy that more people are looking towards natural ways to take a proactive approach to health and wellness. Unfortunately, with the popularity of essential oils, I see too many people wasting money on essential oils when they don’t need to be. This post will share with you some of my favorite tips and tricks on how to stop wasting money on essential oils.


Stop Wasting Money on Essential Oils:

If you use essential oils and want to learn about how to get the most bang for your buck, listen up! It is far too easy to waste money on essential oils and it’s unnecessary. These tips will make sure that you stop wasting money on essential oils and help you learn how to make your oils last longer!

Not all essential oils are created equal

If you are simply using essential oils to scent your house without looking for therapeutic type benefits, then most commercial grade oils will work. However, if you are searching for more of the mental, emotional and physical benefits that essential oils provide than the quality of oils is important.  The quality of the oils depends on factors such as the soil they are grown in, if pesticides, chemicals or weed killer was used on the crops, if the plants were harvested at the peak, how they were distilled, etc. And the truth is, that with the popularity of essential oils, there will be many companies that will try to make a buck selling anything as essential oils. Sadly, there is no rating system for essential oils and a bottle only needs to contain 5% essential oil in order to be labeled as “pure”. This means that they can spray pesticides, harvest off peak, and use chemical solvents to distill the oils, all resulting in lower grade oil quality. That is why it is important before you purchase your oils to find out if the company grows their own plants, owns their own fields, and controls the entire process from seed to seal – from the farm to the sealed bottle. After doing much research here is the company I found to be the best for my family.

One red flag that you are wasting money on essential oils is that they are cheap. (i.e. $4 a bottle) Why would companies sell oils cheap? Well, they are able to cut corners and don’t value the quality of the oils they sell. They could use pesticides to spray the crops so they have more to harvest and distill. They can use a chemical solvent to extract during the distillation process to pull more oil out, and if they dilute it with a cheaper oil or carrier oil they can stretch out the amount of oil that is distilled therefore selling more. All the while the quality is compromised unknown to the consumer. The bottle line, if you are paying a ridiculously low price for oils you may want to research into the company and their mission. Don’t be quick to buy oils just because it says “pure” on the label. Heck, I’ve even seen “pure” essential oils for sale at Walmart and even once at a gas station! No….just no……

It takes a great deal of effort to distill just a small amount of essential oils. For example, Rose oil which can be pretty pricey, takes 60 thousand pounds to provide one ounce of rose oil. Compare that to Lavender oil which is a reasonable cost and takes 220 pounds of flower to create 7 pounds of essential oil. With good quality essential oils, such as these that I use for my family, they cost more than the kind I used to buy at health food stores, but the benefits they provide are worth their weight in gold! The testimonies we experienced since making our wellness a priority and including these oils in our wellness regimen has been amazing. We are living happier and healthier than we were just a few years ago and to me that is true wealth! Click here to order high grade essential oils for yourself! 

A little bit goes a long way

As a society we are conditioned to think more is better. This is not the case when it comes to essential oils. Quality grade essential oils are very potent. All you need is a drop or two to get the job done. In the case of essential oils often times less is more! When you are using high quality oils they are potent and very effective. For example, one drop of peppermint tea is the equivalent to about 33 cups of peppermint tea.Most quality grade oils cost anywhere from $10-$30 a bottle. A 5ml bottle usually contains about 90 drops and a 15ml bottle contains about 250 drops. Each application is about 1-3 drops, which means even a 5 ml bottle will get you 45-90 applications. Your body can only process a certain amount of oils at a time so essentially (pun intended) the oils are wasted. Which leads me to my next tip…..

Dilute Dilute Dilute

I recommend dilution not just for babies and young children, but for everyone! This is because it will extend the life of your essential oils. If you are making health a priority and making a point to spend money on quality essential oils, you know that they are not cheap, but worth every drop. I mix everything with a carrier oil (a fatty oil such as coconut oil, avocado oil, apricot oil, etc.) because from what I learned in my aromatherapy course, it creates a natural time release factor which absorbs into the skin over a longer period of time, extending the benefits. The molecules in a fatty carrier oil are large compared to the tiny molecules that exist in high grade essential oils. Pairing an essential oil with a carrier oil combines the molecules and allows them to enter into the skin in layers which allows the body to absorb them for a longer timeframe, meaning you can experience the benefits without having to reapply as often.

Create Your Own Products & Roll Ons

This is one of my top tips for saving money on your oils. It’s a great way to extend the life of your oils because you can create personalized products that will last for at least a few weeks. Making your own products is SOOOO simple. You can make multiple product in a matter of minutes. You only need a few supplies and all natural ingredients to make healthy alternatives of personal and cleaning products that are completely toxin free! Here are some of my favorite DIY products:


My Natural Skincare Regimen

When it comes to my natural skincare regimen, I have spent the last few years on the search for the most natural, non-toxic products I could find to use. I have made many changes from how I used to care for my skin, and I can honestly say that my skin looks better than it ever has! It is literally glowing! This post is to share with you my natural skincare regimen and other tips for healthy skin!

My Natural Skincare Regimen:

Oil Cleansing Method – This is one of the most simple ways to wash your face! It’s not drying, won’t make your face greasy and leaves your skin feeling moisturized and supple. I couldn’t believe how clear and smooth my face was when I started this method of face washing! Read more here.

DIY Homemade Serum – This is one of my favorite DIY products for for skin care. It’s simple to make with natural, non-toxic ingredients and high in anti-oxidants to support skin health. Read more here.

Anti-Aging Facial Mask – This facial mask gives awesome results! My husband and I do a facial mask about once a week, rotating between different ones, and this is one of our favorites! It’s super easy to make and very effective! Read more here.

Bone Broth – So this isn’t something that you put on your skin, but our diet has a huge impact on our skin health. The nutrients from bone broth are so good for the body that it will actually show in your skin. When I remember to drink a cup everyday I usually get so many compliments on my skin, even from perfect strangers. It’s really amazing and one of my favorite tips for glowing skin! And it’s loaded with natural sources of collagen so a cup a day helps to keep the wrinkles away! Read more here.

Gelatin Collagen Supplement – I LOVE this stuff. It has zero flavor and can be added to anything and is great for supporting hair, skin and nails. You can add it to coffee, tea, lemon water, yogurt, juice, basically anything and it completely dissolves and is flavorless! It’s my secret weapon!  Read more here.

My Favorite Toxin Free Products:

As I mentioned earlier, I searched far and wide for good, non-toxic beauty products for myself, specifically makeup! As women, we are under a huge toxic assault and exposing ourselves to over 300 chemicals a day, 80 of those are before breakfast with products such as face wash, toothpaste, makeup, etc. Before I had kids I used to use high-end department store type makeup and every natural makeup I have tried over the past couple of years never felt as good quality as the makeup I used, which I assumed was going to be the case with any non-toxic makeup. I was so happy when Young Living announced their natural, chemical free mineral make-up! You can find out more info here.


Delicious Herbal Coffee Alternative

I used to be a big coffee person, but over the years I have not been a big fan of the way coffee has made me feel afterwards. But I love starting my day off with a delicious beverage and always looking for something delicious and nutritious. Here is my favorite, delicious herbal coffee alternative that has numerous health benefits.

Coffee has health benefits, such as lowering risks of diabetes and alzheimer’s, but too much caffeine can have unwanted side affects such as accelerated aging, osteoporosis and weight gain due to blood sugar fluctuations. Additionally, coffee is one of the most chemically treated crops in the world. Estimates say that about 250 pounds of chemical fertilizers are sprayed per acre of non-organic coffee. (sorry Starbucks lovers!)

Fortunately there is a natural, herbal alternative to coffee that tastes great and has many health benefits and most people even testify that they experience zero with drawl symptoms when they switch from coffee to this delicious herbal coffee alternative.

Dandy Blend:

Dandy Blend is a blend of ground dandelion, roasted chicory, roasted beetroot and barley and rye – yet it is Gluten Free, Caffeine Free and acid free! It contains 50 trace minerals in every cup so it provides the body with essential nutrients that help to boost metabolism and support many other bodily systems. The mixture is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women and even kids. Health benefits of Dandy Blend are that the mixture:

  • Aids digestions
  • Supports Liver & Kidney function
  • High in Antioxidants
  • Boosts Immune System
  • Reduces Inflammation

Dandelion is one of the most potent detoxifying herbs that is high in antioxidants and has potential anti-cancer properties. It’s a powerful liver tonic and blood purifier. It helps to regulate insulin levels and promote normal bowel function.

My Dandy Latte Recipe

Mix all this in a high powered blender such as a Vitamix (where to buy) until blended. You can heat on a stovetop if you want it warmed. I like mine both cold or warmed depending on the seasons. This is my healthy version of a latte using this delicious herbal coffee alternative.