How to Improve Skin Naturally

Improve Skin Natually

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That our skin is a reflection of our health and wellbeing? It’s true, Our face is a map of our internal organs and how they are doing.  This post will share with you what our skin is trying to tell us about our health and how you can improve skin naturally.

What is your skin trying to tell you?

Our face is a mirror of our health. For example, our nose represents our heart, our cheeks our lungs, the lines running down from the nose to the lips represents the colon and the chin is the reproductive system. Chinese and Ayurvedic traditional medicine has been studying this type of diagnosis for thousands of years and believe that the health and wellbeing, emotional tendencies and longevity are all revealed in our face. One of the core beliefs in Chinese medicine is that “the part contains the whole”. This means that every line and spot, scar, wrinkle or blemish means something. They do not appear on your face at random; rather the location they appear corresponds to an energy meridian that connects your face and body with your internal organs.

How Gut Health Correlates to Our Skin

Many people are unaware of the fact that skin conditions are a result of poor gut health. Leaky gut is when the intestines begin to deteriorate and become permeable leaking toxins into the system. This is typically caused by poor diet and chronic use of antibiotics or other pharmaceuticals. Poor gut flora causes many digestive problems such as constipation, IBS, frequent diarrhea, candida, Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis just to name a few. Recent Epidemiological evidence shows an association between gut problems and skin disorders. A common theme in those suffering with digestive is acne and inflammation in the body. It is possible to clear acne naturally and other skin conditions with these natural tips.

How to Improve Skin Naturally


Eating organic, local and seasonal foods is important to provide our bodies with the most nutrients. Stay away from processed foods and artificial preservatives, sugars and artificial sugars. Incorporating  Fermented foods into the diet is essential for getting natural probiotics restoring gut health and helping the body to absorb vitamins and minerals. There are also many recipes available online such as this Heal your gut smoothie! There are many types of diet such as paleo and GAPS Diet (that is also safe for kids) that can help to heal the body and provide vital nutrients and minerals.

Stay Hydrated

Make sure to drink lots of fresh filtered water daily. You can squeeze some organic lemon in their too to detoxify the liver. Reduce Alcohol intake Drink water to keep your skin hydrated. Alcoholic beverages and drinks that contain caffeine cause dehydration so it is best to avoid them as much as possible. Avoid taking hot baths or showers because hot water can also dry out your skin.

Bone Broth

Bone broth is also called stock. It’s not the same as you get at the store in a can or a box. It is homemade from animal bones, typically chicken and beef, but can be any animal. It’s high in gelatin and minerals and enzymes needed by the body in order to function properly. It is great at helping to fill in the gaps of the intestines to make them less permeable. As an alternate option you can also take powdered Gelatin that is also beneficial for the body especially the skin, joints and bones. This is the one that is use and I love it because it has no flavor and I add it to tea, yogurt, or water kefir and can get a good amount into my family daily since they are not big fans of drinking straight bone broth. It is cold water soluble so it completely dissolves in cold and hot substances.

Eliminate Chemicals and Toxins

Obviously it is impossible to eliminate every toxins encountered and the stress of trying to is worse on the body. Instead taking small steps to reduce exposure by eliminated products that can be harmful to our skin. Many commercial and store bought beauty products (even high end ones!) contain chemicals that can deteriorate and destroy our skin while leeching toxins in through our biggest organ, the skin. Oil cleansing is a great way to balance skin and how I have been washing my face daily for over a year now. I love it and my skin is softer and better than ever before. Essential Oils such as Frankincense, Melaleuca Alternafolia, Lavender and Sandalwood can also support healthy skin either applying topically or as easy DIY products such as antioxidant facial serum, homemade lotion or skin brightening facial maskClick Here to learn where to get Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

With natural efforts it is possible to improve skin health and eliminate painful, uncomfortable skin conditions. Taking time to detox and heal your body is necessary. An elimination detox is helpful because it can determine trigger foods that may be causing allergic reactions, such as skin issues. My friend Kristen over at MIX Wellness Solutions has a Real Food Detox that helped me determine that I have sensitivities to gluten and dairy. I would recommend this program to detoxify and determine foods that can be causing reactions. It’s the perfect first step in healing the body.


Have you tried to improve your skin naturally? I would love for you to share your stories!



4 Ingredient Skin Brightening Facial Mask

We can’t turn back the clock of time and unfortunately growing older is inevitable. With that being said there are some ways to to take a nourishing, natural approach to aging that can help enhance the vitality of our skin. My favorite is a simple and effective 4 ingredient skin brightening facial mask that my husband and I do twice a week. It is awesome and makes your skin look and feel fabulous! It works great as an acne treatment, reduce facial swelling and to rebuild damaged tissue. Below is my recipe for an 4 ingredient skin brightening facial mask that is sure to leave your skin feeling new and fresh!

The Benefits of Skin Brightening Facial Mask

Bentonite clay is an ancient healing clay used by cultures throughout history for their ability to rid the body of toxins. Bentonite clay helps to get oxygen to cells by removing excess hydrogen and allowing it to be replaced by oxygen. It has been used for years for both internal and external detoxification and for its medicinal properties. It is a staple in my house and a medicine cabinet must have which you can read here. We use it almost daily for various reasons, in a bath, in a remineralizing toothpaste, to reduce scarring, and of course facials. (Where to buy)

Frankincense is known for its skin brightening benefits because it promotes regeneration of healthy cells. It can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sun spots and tone and tighten skin. Learn where to buy therapeutic grade essential oils here.

Lavender is very calming and soothing and beneficial in acne treatments as it helps to balance the secretion of oils that can cause infections in the pores. Lavender also helps to reduce scarring and healing any irritations. Order lavender oil here.

Apple cider vinegar works great to mix with bentonite to help it get is clay like consistency. Make sure its a good apple cider vinegar that is organic and unfiltered to provide the most benefits. The vinegar helps to pH balance the skin, reduce red spots and blemishes and helps to make skin soft. Where to buy Apple Cider Vinegar.

4 Ingredient Skin Brightening Facial Mask

  1. Bentonite Clay (where to buy)
  2. Apple Cider Vinegar (where to buy)
  3. 2 drops of Frankincense
  4. 2 drops of Lavender

Mix together in a non-metal bowl using fingers. Once mixed into a clay like substance spread on face and neck, (avoid eye area) and also apply to scars or dark spots. Let it dry about 20-30 minutes. Once dried you can wash off the mask. The face may be red and slightly pulsating from the detoxifying effects of the clay, but it should subside within the hour.

This powerful 4 ingredient skin brightening facial mask is great for anyone of any age to help heal and treat problem skin. It can be done a couple times a week to promote healthy, glowing skin.

Do you use facial masks regularly? What is your favorite?