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Baby yoga made such a difference for my son! I love how you spend a few minutes at the beginning of every class, finding out what he might need help with, then designing the class around that. Whether he was having a hard time sleeping, adjusting to his new solid food diet, or just needing a little extra help relaxing, you had a fix! It works so well for him we included baby yoga in his bedtime routine. I can’t thank you enough!!!- Tammy M


I have been to countless yoga classes and I have to say that you are one of the better teachers I have had.  Your instructions are easy to follow and informative.  You really helped to put a beginner like myself at ease.  These are all important qualities I look for in a yoga instructor.  I can tell that you love what you do and that makes a world of difference from a student’s perspective!  Thanks Victoria! Bree


Thanks to your help, we had the natural birth with no interventions that we were hoping for. Mom and Baby are both doing great after a quick labor and short recovery. 
Honestly, you were one of the most important people in the leadup to the big day to support us and give us the mechanisms required to do it right.
The Heims


Victoria was just amazing during my pregnancy with my son. She helped to ease my mind about my concerns and questions. In addition she helped me with diet advice, what vitamins to take and going thru labor again. She always answered with calmness and I just knew she wanted the very best for me. Even on the day of my labor, I contacted her and she completely encouraged me to trust my body and even when I doubted myself, she never did. If you want to have a positive force and beautiful person in your life, please contact Victoria. I promise you she will make a good day better and your pregnancy will be at ease with her help.– Erin S

Being a first time mom I had a lot of fears and un-knows about pregnancy, and birth. Victoria at Yogi Mami was a HUGE help to me. Through each trimester she was able to give me information based on her own experiences as well as others she has helped. I found this to be more beneficial than any book I read or web site I visited because of her amount of knowledge and true passion. Aside from all of the information I obtained I decided to take up yoga and took a private session with Victoria. She was able to teach me which posses I was able to do and how to modify those I could not. After my private session I was able to hop into many of her yoga classes and feel comfortable modifying myself and not having to rely on the teacher.

Lastly I wanted to speak about Victoria’s Prenatal/Labor preparation workshop. To anyone who is giving birth at a hospital I’m sure you are aware of how heavily they push all of their classes. As first time parents my husband and I wanted to do everything possible to ensure the best delivery and after care for our child and signed up for all of the recommended 8 classes. Needless to say we canceled after our first two classes due to the fact that the material given was basic common sense. Granted there were some portions, which provided beneficial information but were presented in a long drawn out format. Victoria’s workshop provided all of the tools we needed. My favorite aspects of the class were, all of the pertinent information, affordable cost, stretching poses to be used at home, real non-biased birthing stories, and just the overall feeling of support. Love Yogi Mami and can’t wait to start mommy and me classes!!- Diana C


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