Top 6 Toxins in the Water Source

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Poison in tap water

Did you know that the Federal Law regulating tap water is so out of date that it contains many chemicals that scientists have shown to pose serious health risks, and its (GASP!) LEGAL?

Yep! You heard that right! That means that every time you wash your hands, bathe or brush your teeth you are coming into contact with many dangerous toxins in the water. These contaminants are impairing the health of you and your family. Unless you have a damn good water filter (a Brita won’t cut it!) you are ingesting these chemicals every time you drink or cook with that water. This post is here to share with you about the toxins in the water and how you can avoid them!

Toxins in the Water Source

There are many dangerous chemicals in municipal water sources. Here are the most common chemicals found today:

  • Arsenic– This carcinogen present in our water supply causes cancer, cardiovascular disease, neurological disorders and other developmental disorders. John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has linked arsenic exposure to high blood pressure and Chinese research has has confirmed that it adversely effects the male productive system reducing sperm quality. This toxin paired with mercury and lead is known to cause horrible neurological effects on developing fetuses and young children and research is showing that prenatal exposure to arsenic can lead to diseases later in life that can develop up to 20 years after exposure.
  • Fluoride– For years advocates of Fluoridated water have argued that the additive in water was beneficial for teeth health. The truth is that science shows otherwise. Not only does it actually destroy teeth by causing Flurosis, but it is also a very toxic substance to ingest. Fluoride has been shown to damage tissues, organs and the brain and causes disorders of the nervous system, kidneys and bones. Researchers have found that fluoride impairs proper thyroid function and debilitates the entire endocrine system. This is one of the worst additives for our bodies and unfortunately one of the hardest to remove.
  • Chlorine– This additive has been added as water treatment for years to kill pathogenic bacteria. Chlorine combines with other matter within the water and creates compounds of disinfectant biproducts which create chloroform and chloramine, known carcinogens that are toxic when inhaled, consumed or absorbed by the skin. Research shows that areas that have higher levels of chlorine added to the water source also have increased risks of cancer, poor birth outcomes, asthma and auto-immune disorders.
  • Lead– This poisonous metal has found its way into tap water due to old lead pipes. This neurotoxin leeches into the water and poses serious risk for those who consume it. Lead damages the developing brain and nervous system as well as other serious problems.
  • Pesticides– Caused by runoff into our water sources there are many types of dangerous pesticides present in tap water. Pesticides have been linked to a wide range of health problems such as headaches, nerve, skin and eye irritation or damage and even many types of cancer. Children and especially vulnerable to the effects of pesticides.

You can find out what’s in the water in your area by CLICKING HERE

How to Remove Toxins in the Water:

Unfortunately, many of the filters on the market will only take out a small amount of the listed toxins. Additionally, only specialized filters are able to remove fluoride toxins in the water.  If you are interested in water filters there are different types:

  • For drinking water and cooking a good water filter is recommended (where to buy)
  • Filters can be bought for to purify water for showers (where to buy) and baths (where to buy)
  • Whole house filtration system will work too, but is the most expensive option.

Investing in good water filters will protect you and your family from these dangerous additives and improve your health and well-being. While it is impossible to eliminate 100% of all toxins, it is important to do what we can to reduce the amount that we are exposed to. While these water filters might seem pricey it is a worth it to avoid the health problems associated with these dangerous chemicals.

Poison Water



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