Helpful Resources for Natural Pregnancy & Labor


Pregnancy and childbirth are a beautiful time, but also very physical for the body. Preparing for childbirth is recommended, especially for women who are looking to have a natural, drug-free labor. Small exercises, both mentally and physically, can be done daily to improve the chances of having a successful unmedicated birth. I made it my mission during my pregnancies to learn everything I could about these mind body techniques and how I could use them to have the birth I desired. I have no doubt that making it a priority to learn these techniques allowed me to birth naturally with my first and my second child and what I recommend to other expecting mamas looking for more information on how to facilitate a natural pregnancy and childbirth. Here is a list of my favorite resources for natural pregnancy and labor:

Resources for Natural Pregnancy and Labor:

  • Mindful Birthing Online Course – My online birthing course is an alternative to traditional hospital classes. It gives expecting parents the information they need to prepare for their upcoming birth to digest at their own pace.
  • From Bump to Birth – This awesome ebook written by my friend Citrine over at Holistic Saffron is a great resource to learn natural cures for common pregnancy ailments.
  • Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth – This birthing legend is the mother of modern midwifery. This guide is a must have to mamas who are wanting a natural, drug-free labor.
  • Your Baby Your Way – This book by Jennifer Margulis is a great resource for expecting mamas because it goes into great detail the business of the birthing industry and how to make informed and educated decisions when it comes to birth and your baby.