Helpful Resources for Natural Pregnancy & Labor


Pregnancy and childbirth are a beautiful time, but also very physical for the body. Preparing for childbirth is recommended, especially for women who are looking to have a natural, drug-free labor. Small exercises, both mentally and physically, can be done daily to improve the chances of having a successful unmedicated birth. I made it my mission during my pregnancies to learn everything I could about these mind body techniques and how I could use them to have the birth I desired. I have no doubt that making it a priority to learn these techniques allowed me to birth naturally with my first and my second child and what I recommend to other expecting mamas looking for more information on how to facilitate a natural pregnancy and childbirth. Here is a list of my favorite resources for natural pregnancy and labor:

Resources for Natural Pregnancy and Labor:

  • Mindful Birthing Online Course – My online birthing course is an alternative to traditional hospital classes. It gives expecting parents the information they need to prepare for their upcoming birth to digest at their own pace.
  • From Bump to Birth – This awesome ebook written by my friend Citrine over at Holistic Saffron is a great resource to learn natural cures for common pregnancy ailments.
  • Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth – This birthing legend is the mother of modern midwifery. This guide is a must have to mamas who are wanting a natural, drug-free labor.
  • Your Baby Your Way – This book by Jennifer Margulis is a great resource for expecting mamas because it goes into great detail the business of the birthing industry and how to make informed and educated decisions when it comes to birth and your baby.


Essential Oils for Labor and Delivery

Essential Oils for Labor and Delivery

I use essential oils regularly in everyday life so my labor day was no different. Essential oils for labor help to ease discomfort, help labor progress and keep mom relaxed and grounded. Below are the top essential oils for labor and delivery that I use and suggest to my prenatal clients. When combined with a healthy prenatal diet and exercise regimen these oils can be very helpful in facilitating labor and even for postpartum recovery. During labor and delivery high grade therapeutic essential oils are highly recommended.

Top Essential Oils for Labor:

  • Clary Sage is not recommended for use during pregnancy. With that being said, if you are past your due date this oil may be helpful to encourage labor naturally. You can use this oil alone, or in a blend, on ankles or abdomen.
  • Frankincense is helpful in reducing pain. It is a uterine health promoter and has soothing affects of the mind and body. If there is tearing during the labor this oil can also be applied directly to the affected area as it is also helpful in soothing the skin.
  • Geranium helps to calm and de-stress the laboring mother, which helps to create a serene environment. The oil can be uplifting and relaxing both which are important during the end of pregnancy and labor process. This essential oil is also great to use for perineal massage.
  • Jasmine oil is another that should not be used during pregnancy because it can induce labor by stimulating uterine contractions. During labor Jasmine essential oils help to strengthen the contractions in a natural way while also relieving pain and providing comfort to the birthing mother.
  • Lavender is helpful in dulling discomfort in the uterus, back, legs and even for headaches. It is also helpful to dull any discomforts after the labor. Lavender is great for keeping the mother calm during the childbirth process. Lavender can also be used with coconut oil to apply to the skin and prevent stretch marks.
  • Peppermint oil has been used to help move babies who are breech or posterior. By rubbing this oil on the top of the abdomen or the lower back it can encourage the baby to turn to an optimal birthing position.
  • Rose oil is great to rejuvenate skin and tissue and also for helping to soften ligaments. It helps the pelvis to expand and open up to allow the baby to pass through and also has cleansing effects on the uterus. This oil is a must have for smaller mamas who are expecting a bigger sized baby.
  • Ylang Ylang increases relaxation and to slow rapid breathing. This essential oil helps to balance the equilibrium and bring mental clarity.
You can mix your own blend to include in your labor kit using any carrier oil of choice, I prefer coconut oil (where to buy), or by adding to a diffuser.

The following Young Living Essential Oil blends will help to enhance the laboring mom’s mind and body and to facilitate labor naturally:

  • Joy is a blend that brings a beautiful feeling of joy to the heart mind and soul. It helps to restore confidence and empowerment and bring peace to anyone suffering from grief, negativity or frustration.
  • Peace and Calming this blend influences calm and deep relaxation for the body and mind. A few drops in a bath or rubbed on the bottom of the feet helps to promote a deep sense of peace and emotional well-being.
  • Valor helps to renew feelings of strength, courage and confidence. This blend works to counter adversity and negative emotions and helps the body and mind to find balance. Applying a few drops on the wrist or the bottom of the feet helps to ease anxiety and support normal body systems.

Essential oils have benefits beyond pregnancy and labor. They can be used for many reasons as a way to improve overall health and well-being, so no need to worry about the oils going to waste. They can be used to increase milk supply, to calm a fussy baby/child, ease symptoms of common ailments and much more. I have a large collection and use them daily for many reasons, anywhere from making cleaning products, personal products, applying to scrapes or burns and even adding a few drops to my kids bath to help them wind down before bedtime. Essential oils are a great way to naturally take control of overall health and well-being. Click here for more information on where to buy essential oils.

To learn more about healthy pregnancy, labor and postpartum checkout my Prenatal/Postnatal Resources page!

Essential Oils for Labor and Delivery