Daytime Facial Serum


I have a confession, I haven’t used lotion in years. Not on my body or my face. I stopped using them due to the many toxins that are in personal and cosmetic products. Many people are shocked to hear that and ask me about my beauty routine. This post will share with you my favorite homemade daytime facial serum.

This recipe was inspired by my favorite homemade sunscreen recipe from my friend Louise at Loula Natural. I love this daytime facial serum because it allows for sun protection without nasty and toxic chemicals and is so nourishing for the skin. It’s one of my favorite additions to my skin care routine!

Daytime Facial Serum Ingredients:


As always I highly recommend using high quality therapeutic grade essential oils which you can learn more about here. Lavender is able to promote tissue regeneration and is great for combating excess sebum on the skin. It’s one of my favorite oils for anti-aging.  Cypress provides circulation support which is helpful in reducing sagging skin and it is a powerful antioxidant. Cypress is also beneficial for oily or troubled skin  helps to protect and revitalize the appearance of your skin!  Carrot Seed Oil also has many benefits for skin and is naturally high SPF.  Sesame Oil is high in Vitamin E and is easily absorbed to heal, smooth and protect dry skin while also cleansing clogged pores. It make a great carrier oil for the daytime facial serum

How to Make your Daytime Facial Serum

Mix the carrier oil (sesame or coconut is great too for extra natural SPF) and essential oils in bottle and use! Seriously, it’s that easy! I love making my own facial serum because it takes seconds. My skin has been so soft, smooth and glowing since I have been using this recipe and Im so happy I can share it with you! I hope you enjoy it!