DIY Therapeutic Honey

DIY Therapeutic Honey


Many people are unaware that honey itself has healing properties and has been used as a medicine for thousands of years. I wrote about it awhile back and name honey as one of my medicine cabinet must haves. This post will share with you some recipes to make honey even more powerful by making your own therapeutic honey!

Healing Benefits of Honey

Honey is a superfood and has made my list of medicine cabinet must haves. According to Ayurvedic medicine raw honey is considered a medicine while heated honey is considered a slow poison. Honey in it’s natural form is complete with beneficial vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Honey that has been heated destroys the honey’s nutritional value and which creates cellular toxicity and and can lead to immune dysfunction. Most commercial honey has been processed and should be avoided completely. When purchasing raw honey it is important that it is labeled as Unfiltered, Unprocessed or Unpasteurized.

What is Manuka Honey?

Manuka honey is from Australia from bees that collect nectar from the flowers of the manuka bush. Researchers have found that manuka honey has many natural healing powers for everything such as wrinkles, acne, burns, cuts/scratches, acid reflux, ulcers and much more. It can be used both internally and external for its antibacterial properties. It can be found at many health food stores or purchased online here.

Manuka honey is not cheap which has probably been one of the main reasons I haven’t tried it yet. It has been on my mental grocery list but every time I see the price I think of how, fortunately, we are all in pretty good health and think of all the other yummy goodies I can get to cook instead.

I came across a great post over on Camp Wander- a recipe for DIY Manuka honey that I couldn’t wait to try. I recommend using pure therapeutic grade essential oils (where to buy) so that these medicinal honey recipes can be used either internally or externally.

Therapeutic Honey Recipes:

DIY Mock Manuka Honey Recipe from Camp Wander

  • Local organic raw honey- 4 ounces (where to buy)
  • Tea Tree (melaleuca alternafoila) essential oil- 1 drop
  • Frankincense essential oil- 2 drops
  • Lavender essential oil- 2 drops
This honey is great to externally for facials, wounds or skin problems as well as internally for sore throats, coughs and canker sores.
I would also like to share a recipe for a honey that I use quite often when we feel like we are getting a cold. Just taking a 1/2 teaspoon of this therapeutic honey is a great way to ward off germs and boost the immune system. It can also be applied topically to heal wounds such as bug bites, rashes, or scrapes/scratches.

Therapeutic Honey

  • Local organic raw honey- 4 ounces (where to buy)
  • Thieves essential oil- 3 drops

These easy to make medicinal honey recipes are easy to make and can be stored in your medicine cabinet for later use. Good local, raw organic honey never goes bad so you don’t have to worry about these products expiring!


DIY Therapeutic Honey