How Do Moon Phases Affect Us? Full Moon

Full Moon Affects

Many people are aware that the Full Moon has an affect on our attitudes or behaviors but very few understand exactly how. As we continue through our series of how the moon phases affect us we focus in this post specifically on the Full Moon phase.

How the Full Moon Affects us Physically, Mentally and Emotionally

The full moon is believed to be the right time before things come to fruition. Goals that were set earlier in the moon cycle are usually at the point right before success or completion. It is the best time to access our full potential and projects planned to end on a full moon are almost always successful. It is a great time to interact with crowds as we tend to be more talkative and sociable and the full moon usually bring desires to teach and share with others. As we become more sociable and expansive during this phase it is common to have the desire to flaunt and spend money so be conscious of this to avoid overspending.

This phase of the moon is the most active of the moon cycle and typically brings with it increased stamina and evening energy. Sexuality peaks during this time and most people relate the best to people of the opposite sex during this time. It is a time for feelings of nurturing, sexual awareness and lightheartedness. The Full Moon is considered the time for goddess energy. Femininity surfaces and it is the phase where we feel sexy, flirtatious and aware of our appearance. The Full moon is the best time of the moon cycle for lucid dreaming and we are most likely to remember our dreams. To learn more about the moon cycles and how they affect us, I highly recommend this book!

Full Moon Affects