Mindful Mama: Prenatal Guided Meditations


My Mindful Mama: Meditations for Pregnancy and Labor album is now available for download on iTunes and Amazon MP3.

These guided meditations are designed to help you to relax and strengthen the mind body connection that is important to establish during pregnancy to alleviate discomforts and prepare the body for labor. This album is a must have for any expecting mama looking to release stress and anxiety associated with childbirth and parenthood.

This Guided meditations album includes:

  • Peaceful Relaxation Meditation
  • Bonding with Your Baby During Pregnancy
  • Fear Release Meditation
  • Chakra Birth Meditation
  • Positive Birth Affirmations

Practicing these meditations regularly helped me to relax tremendously during pregnancy and mindfully achieve two beautiful, drug-free labors with ease and joy. I am happy to share these meditation exercises with you to empower you to create your own beautiful birthing experience.

Download this album in MP3 version on iTunes here or Amazon MP3 here.