How To Do an Underarm Detox

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If you have tried to change to natural deodorants with no success than this you post is for you! I hear many stories from people and their continuous failed attempts at finding a natural deodorant that actually works for them. I myself struggles with this problem for years until I learned what my body needed to make the transition work. This post will share with you how to do an underarm detox and why you should do one!

My  Natural Deodorant Struggle

I began my quest for natural deodorant over a decade ago! I tried my fair share of natural deodorant brands and even tried my own recipes in search for a more natural alternative to deodorants. The more I talked to others who were on the same quest, I learned that many of them had the same struggle as I had. I began to research the problem more and found out was very interesting and insightful so of course I had to try it out for myself first!

What I Learned

If you have been using conventional deodorants or antiperspirants for years, a lot has been absorbed into the skin. Once you stop using the chemicals, there are toxins that have to leave the body first and allow you to make a fresh start.

When making the transition from conventional deodorants to more natural ones, many experience the occurrence of uncomfortable rash or excessive sweating and odor which makes them think the natural products don’t work. But, in most cases, what might be missing is just a successful armpit detox.

Commercial deodorants often contain potentially harmful compounds that could damage your health. The research on this is ongoing, but a mere look at the list rings alarm bells such as the neurotoxin that may be contained in your deodorant.

Make sure to check the labels for yourself when buying a deodorant. Here are just a few example of what is lurking in store-bought deodorants and antiperspirants that could be causing harm to your body:

Aluminum – Linked it to Breast Cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.
Parabens – Hormone Disruptor; traces have been found in breast cancer tissue.
Formaldehyde – Carcinogenic substance.
Phthalates – Hormone disruptor; linked to infertility.
Antibacterial Substances – Negative effect on the immune system function and affects hormonal balance. The FDA recently came out and is banning many of these substances
Propylene glycol – AKA Antifreeze. GROSS!

Putting all these potentially toxic substances where they can be easily absorbed into the blood stream does not seem like such a great idea. In addition, there are lymph nodes in your armpits and around the neck, which play an important role in fighting off disease. So, loading them up with toxins  can be causing hormonal imbalance and can seriously affect the body’s immune response.

A detox for your underarms is highly recommended as a great way to help remove those impurities and toxins that are being stored in the body, which will allow your natural deodorant to work effectively.

How To Do an Underarm Detox


  1. Mix the clay and apple cider vinegar.  It should be a smooth consistency like sour scream. Add in 3 drops of your favorite citrus essential oil. I like to use Purification by Young Living for its detoxifying benefits. Use a glass bowl for mixing and a wooden or non-metal spoon (avoid metal).
  2. Spread a thin layer of this mixture on your armpit and leave it on for 20 minutes.
  3. If you feel any pain, remove the mix immediately. Some redness is normal, as the blood flow to the area is increased, but it usually disappears within 15 minutes or so.
  4. Remove the mask gently with a washcloth and have a warm shower.
  5. Repeat this detox every other day until you can see that the body has adjusted to the natural deodorant and the unpleasant odor is gone. Allow at least a week for your underarm detox to work and don’t let some initial discomfort deter you and leer you back to commercial deodorants. This transition phase is temporary as the body is re-adjusting to more natural products.

Additional Helpful Tips

  • Drink plenty of water to further stimulate the cleansing process.
  • Try dry brushing your skin – this will improve lymph and blood circulation. Dry brushing involves using a dry brush to brush the skin in a particular pattern. You start from your feet and make your way up. Use long circular movements in the direction of the center of the body, towards your heart. When brushing armpits, use circular clockwise motions. You can learn more about the benefits of dry brushing here.



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