Coffee Enema Benefits

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Coffee Enema Benefits

Most people can’t start their day without a cup, or two of coffee. I haven’t been much of a coffee drinker for the past few years but over the last year I have added coffee enemas to my health routine. Wait, WHAT? SLOW DOWN! What What in the butt?

Yep, you heard me correctly. Coffee enemas! Now, I’m sure you are wondering exactly how one begins to even consider trying a coffee enema. Well, you landed in the right place! I’m going to give you all the details on coffee enema benefits and how to administer them at home by yourself and you will be left to decide for yourself whether or not you dare to try it!

What in the WORLD possessed you to want to try a coffee enema?

I have never had a desire to do an enema in my entire life. Growing up my parents and grandparents used to tease us that if you were sick you would have to get “The Business!” Apparently enemas were quite common back in the day and they thought it was funny to scare the bajeezus out of their kids if they thought they were pretending to be sick.

Fast forward several years when I met a new friend, a kindred spirit, and we began talking about coffee enemas, because you know, stuff like that TOTALLY comes up in conversation! Right?

She was telling me all about coffee enema benefits and how awesome she feels as a result from doing them regularly. Really? From putting coffee in your butt? It was something that intrigued me, but that I thought I would never happen. After a year of doing some research on the benefits and whatnot I ordered an Enema Bucket (Where To Buy) and some Organic Coffee (Where To Buy) and decided to give it a shot.

Stomach Issues

Coffee Enema Benefits:

  • Reduces levels of systematic toxicity
  • Cleanses and heals the digestive track
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Improves mental clarity and mood
  • Eliminates candida and parasites
  • Repairs and detoxifies the liver
  • Heals and prevents chronic illness
  • Hydrates the entire body

Dr. Max Gerson developed the Gerson Method, an alternative dietary therapy, that used coffee enemas as a way to remove accumulated toxins in the liver and remove free radicals from the bloodstream. He treated cancer patients and other degenerative diseases using the coffee enemas to improve blood circulation, enhance tissue health, increase energy cell production and aid in cellular regeneration.

How Does a Coffee Enema Work?

Coffee enemas enhance the gallbladder function and benefit liver health. The coffee helps to activate an enzyme that ensures that 98% of toxins contained in bile leave the system rather than re-entering which can happen when the gut health is compromised. This allows natural enzymes to detoxify the body. Coffee enemas form a natural dialysis because an enema retained for 15 minutes passes the blood through the liver every 3 minutes.

My Experience:

I had been experiencing fatigue, moodiness and occasional fogginess of the brain. I just attributed it to the fact that I was a mom and am usually running ragged between working from home, homeschooling and everything else that life brings. After my first coffee enema I felt such a difference. Afterwards I felt fresh, light and full of energy. Including it regularly in my routine helped me to relieve gas and bloating, helped me to ward off a few colds and also aided in digestion. I include coffee enemas into my routine at least weekly and can see many benefits from it. Surprisingly it was not as bad as I thought and once you get used to it the process can be used to achieve relaxation and ease. It is a great source of hydration and you will notice your skin is more supple and glowing when done regularly.

How to do a coffee enema

What you need:

  • Organic Coffee (do NOT get decaf)
  • Filtered Water
  • Glass Jar
  • Enema bag or bucket
  • Cooking Pot

Add about 2-3 tbs of ground organic coffee to about 2 cups of fresh filtered water in a pot and bring to a boil. Once the coffee begins to boil I put a top on the pot and turn the stove off, leaving the coffee to sit for at least 20 minutes. Strain the coffee into a glass jar and dispose of the coffee grounds normally (its great for plants or the compost bin!) Let the coffee cool down almost completely (ice cubes can be used) You want the coffee to be slightly warm when you use it but not hot for obvious reasons! Want to add even more benefits to the mix? Add 2 drops of therapeutic grade Basil, Frankincense or Lavender essential oil to fight mental fatigue, aid in relaxation, cleansing the bowels and play an important part in helping the body heal. Click here to learn more about where to get therapeutic grade essential oils.  *If using essential oils do not use a latex enema bag. Only a plastic or stainless steel enema bucket. 

Setup your space before you begin. I lay a blanket down on the bathroom floor, or you can lay in the tub. Once the coffee has cooled you can pour it into a the bucket or bag. Allow coffee to go down through the tube and clamp off at the end of the tube leaving about 4 inches or so from the end of the tube for insertion (wonderful visual you got going on now, huh?!) Place oil on the end of the tube. Place the bucket or bag on an elevated surface (sink, stool, bag hanging on shower head, etc.) and holding the other end of the tube lay down either on your back with your knees bent with feet on the floor or you can lay on the right side and insert the tube into your rectum, slowly, about a 1/2 inch or so past the hole in the side of the tube. You should be in a comfortable position and feel no pain or discomfort. If you do then stop. Otherwise, un-clamp the fastener and let the coffee enter. Make sure your body is relaxed and you are breathing and allow your body to absorb the coffee.

Once your body has taken it’s maximum amount you can fasten the clamp on the tube, remove the tube  and leaving the bucket/bag and tube in a bathtub to deal with later. I like to use this time to relax, meditate and visualize. Some days this is one of the only quiet times I get so it has become a very peaceful and serene experience for me. You want to try to hold the coffee inside for as long as you can and up to 12-15 minutes.

Once you are finished you will go to the bathroom and allow the coffee and toxins to exit. It is helpful to put a stool under your feet to sit in a position where your knees are raised to help everything to empty out. Massaging the tips of the toes is also helpful reflexology to help stimulate the intestines to help the process along.

It is important to replenish your electrolytes and gut flora after doing enemas just to ensure a balance of healthy bacteria. Homemade Electrolyte Solution, Fermented Foods, or even just probiotic pills will get the job done.

If you are looking to heal from a degenerative disease or serious illness I would recommend working with a natural or alternative health practitioner. You can also upgrade the enema kit (Where To Buy) and consider using Organic Unroasted Coffee (Where To Buy) because it will be in its purest form.

Have you ever tried a Coffee Enema? If so, what benefits did you experience?

If you have never tried a Coffee Enema, would you ever consider one? Why or Why Not?

Coffee Enema Benefits



I would love to hear your comments!

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