Travel Healthy: Tips for Traveling with Kids and Food Allergies

Travel Healthy

Summer is a popular time for vacations. We have two coming up and although they are fun and a great way to make memories they can be stressful. Especially if you have kids and/or food allergies. To make my upcoming travels more enjoyable I have compiled some of the best posts from my favorite bloggers. Here are some great tips on how to travel healthy and happy!

Tips for Traveling With Kids:

6 Ways to Travel Lighter With Your Baby by Green Mom’s Collective

Eco Travel Tips with Young Children by Green Mom’s Collective

How to Survive Air Travel with Kids by Holistic Squid

4 Healthy Tips for Traveling With Kids by Kula Mama

4 Tips That Will Change Everything When Traveling With Kids by Kula Mama


Healthy Eating While Traveling:

Packing with Food Intolerances by Conscientious Confusion

Healthy Traveling Snacks Made Easy by Eat Your Beets

Tips for Traveling on GAPS by Eat Your Beets

Easy & Healthy Snack Ideas by Eat Your Beets

Real Food Camping Plan Ahead and Play More by Oh Lardy

Real Food at Disney Land by Oh Lardy 

Real Food Travel Snack by Whole Green Love

How to Eat Real Food While Traveling by Whole Green Love

Homemade Travel Snacks by Kula Mama


Other Tips

Make your own Holistic Travel Medicine Kit by Holistic Saffron

One Travel Tip That Will Change Everything by And Here We Are

Packing for Healthy Traveling by Read Food Kosher

Naturopathic Family Travel by Loula Natural


Travel Healthy
























Summer Recipe Roundup

Summer Recipes

I LOVE Summer. I mean, what is not to love? Warm weather, barbecuing, great food, cold drinks! With 4th of July coming up I thought it would be a great idea to round up some of the best Summer recipes from some of my favorite bloggers to share with you all! These simple and delicious recipes are perfect for a BBQ or picnic with friends and family. Enjoy!


Summer Recipes:

Sweet-n-Tangy Barbecue Bean Quinoa Salad- Recipe by Mix Wellness Solutions

Potato Salad- Recipe by Holistic Squid

Arugula Salad- Recipe by Hollywood Homestead

Chicken Salad- Recipe by Natural Family Today

Cilantro Lime Chicken- Recipe by Savory Lotus

Spatchcock Roasted Chicken- Recipe by And Here We Are

Chelo Kebab and Cucumber Yogurt- Recipe by And Here We Are

Garlic and Herb Greek Lamb- Recipe by And Here We Are

Fennel and Orange Salad- Recipe by And Here We Are

How to cook simple seafood on the beach- By And Here We Are

Grilling tips and 3-ingredient Jalapeno Bullet Recipe- by Kristen Ethridge

Lemon Berry Skillet Cake- Recipe from Savory Lotus

Moroccan Style Dessert- Recipe from Yogi Mami

Watermelon Sorbet- Recipe by Real Food Kosher


And of course! The perfect Summer treat….POPSICLES!

Limeade Coconut Cream Margarita Popsicles- Recipe by Fostering Nutrition

Basil Lime Watermelon Popsicles- Recipe by Savory Lotus

Pink Grapefruit Mojito Popsicles- Recipe by Savory Lotus

Watermelon Pops- Recipe by Eat Naked


What is your favorite Summer Recipe?


35 Healthy Brunch Recipes


Brunch is probably one of my favorite meals. I love the combination of breakfast and lunch foods because basically anything goes. The taste range from sweet to savory and I don’t think I have met too many brunch menu items I didn’t love. With Easter coming up I am planning our brunch menu and figured others are probably doing the same. I compiled some of the best healthy brunch recipes I could find and BONUS, they are healthy!

Healthy Brunch Recipes

Grain Free Dishes:


Sweet Dishes:

Savory Dishes: