How do the Moon Phases Affect Us? First Quarter Moon


The first quarter moon is when the moon appears half lit and occurs about a week after the new moon. It is considered the halfway point between the new moon and the full moon. In previous posts I have shared how the different moon phases affect us. This post will focus on how the first quarter moon affects us physically, mentally and emotionally.

How the Moon Phases Affect Us

The first quarter is considered the growth period of the moon cycle. The intentions that were set during the dark moon are beginning to take shape and during this time it is common to take on more than can be done. This is a great time to take classes or learn new skills that will help you to grow and accomplish your intentions and goals. It is also a great time to connect with God/Divine/Universe/Spirit to develop a deeper connection to ourselves and the world around us.

During the first quarter moon energy is more balanced than the other moon phases and energy increases during 10am and 2pm. It is common to feel emotionally balanced and more outgoing. Dreams tend to be more realistic and less symbolic during this phase and it is common to have prophetic dreams during this time. You may notice that you lose weight during this time and have an increased thirst and/or hunger.

Take it easy on yourself during this time, plans tend to develop easily, but we can often bite off more than we can chew so it is important to create a balance between taking action and overdoing it. This is a period for growth where we begin to see the fruits of the intentions we set during the new moon.

This phase is the most rational time for women. During this time logic is appealing and they are more interested in discussing issues. For men they tend to be more exocentric during this time. This is a great time for men to focus on their job or other mundanity because this period brings along the least emotion manifested.

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How Do Moon Phases Affect Us? – Dark Moon

Dark Moon AffectsIf you have been following my Moon Phase series I hope you enjoy it! If you need to get caught up you can check out the other posts here. This post will discuss how the Dark Moon phase affects us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The dark moon is the phase when there is no solar reflection and the lunar face is in darkness. It last for a couple days blending in with the new moon until the crescent begins to appear.

How the Dark Moon Affects Us Physicially, Mentally and Emotionally

The dark moon phase is considered the most powerful phase psychically. During this time it is common for the mind to turn inward and become contemplative. This phase usually brings with it feelings of inertia and strong inward focus. Although sleep is usually good during this phase there is still a sense of sluggishness and inactivity. During the dark moon phase it is advised to begin to clear the mind and spirit to be able to receive what is to come.

During the dark moon our body tends to be less active than the other phases and metabolism slows down. It is possible to feel heavy and retain water during this time. Since this phase tends to be the most anti-social it is common to bring with it communication misunderstanding and arguing. Feeling are usually sensitive and easily hurt so approach with caution.

The dark moon phase is a powerful time for organic soul searching. It is considered a time to find solitude, listen to ourselves and begin to think about new intentions to set to seed when the New Moon comes into orbit. This phase brings with it stillness to allow us a chance to tune into our inner voice. Each dark moon cycle brings with it a chance for renewal and brings with it the perfect fertile ground for New Moon intentions to be planted.

Dark Moon Affects





How Do Moon Phases Affect Us? Full Moon

Full Moon Affects

Many people are aware that the Full Moon has an affect on our attitudes or behaviors but very few understand exactly how. As we continue through our series of how the moon phases affect us we focus in this post specifically on the Full Moon phase.

How the Full Moon Affects us Physically, Mentally and Emotionally

The full moon is believed to be the right time before things come to fruition. Goals that were set earlier in the moon cycle are usually at the point right before success or completion. It is the best time to access our full potential and projects planned to end on a full moon are almost always successful. It is a great time to interact with crowds as we tend to be more talkative and sociable and the full moon usually bring desires to teach and share with others. As we become more sociable and expansive during this phase it is common to have the desire to flaunt and spend money so be conscious of this to avoid overspending.

This phase of the moon is the most active of the moon cycle and typically brings with it increased stamina and evening energy. Sexuality peaks during this time and most people relate the best to people of the opposite sex during this time. It is a time for feelings of nurturing, sexual awareness and lightheartedness. The Full Moon is considered the time for goddess energy. Femininity surfaces and it is the phase where we feel sexy, flirtatious and aware of our appearance. The Full moon is the best time of the moon cycle for lucid dreaming and we are most likely to remember our dreams. To learn more about the moon cycles and how they affect us, I highly recommend this book!

Full Moon Affects