Important Benefits of Probiotics & Giveaway


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What are Probiotics

Probiotics are beneficial forms of gut bacteria that stimulate the natural digestive juices and enzymes that keep our digestive organs functioning properly. This healthy bacteria is essential for keeping the gut flora in our stomach and intestines balanced and has many other numerous benefits. Factors such as processed foods and antibiotics can kill off this beneficial bacteria and cause health problems. An imbalance of this healthy bacteria lowers the immune system and makes us much more susceptible to illness. There are many important benefits of probiotics that many people many be unaware of. This post will share with you the health benefits of this healthy bacteria and why it should be included in our daily regimen.

Important Benefits of Probiotics

Probiotics are necessary in order for the body to function optimally. Here are some of the benefits of probiotics:

  • Maintains healthy cholesterol levels
  • Supports Digestive Health
  • Promotes Vitamin & Mineral Absorption
  • Supports Healthy Skin
  • Boosts Immune System
  • Helps to Eliminate Toxins, Waste and Harmful Bacteria

There has even been recent studies showing how our gut flora has a strong correlation with mental health! If you are not currently taking probiotics here are 7 signs that you should be taking them.

How to Include Probiotics in Your Regimen

You can get probiotics from fermented foods which are easy to make and cost effective. I am obsessed with fermenting foods and drinks and add natural probiotics to anything. You can checkout all my homemade fermented foods recipes here.

You can also take a probiotic supplement. I love this brand by Dr. Mercola and am giving away a free bottle to one lucky winner in the US or Canada! It contains 10 strains of bacteria to support a healthy GI tract!


The winner will be announced on Thursday August 6th! Good Luck!

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Feed Your Fertility Book Review & Giveaway!


The decision to start a family can be exciting but also a time filled with anxiety, especially for couples who experience challenges with getting pregnant. With many couples waiting until their 30’s and 40’s to become pregnant fertility has become a hot-topic issue. Your lifestyle may be inhibiting your ability to conceive but there are changes that can be made to improve your fertility naturally. This post will share with you my review of the new book Feed Your Fertility by Emily Bartlett L.Ac of Holistic Squid and Laura Erlich L.Ac. I will also be doing a giveaway to win a free paperback copy of this amazing book!

Yogi Mami’s Review

This book is a must have for anyone looking to improve their fertility naturally. This book includes information to Feed your Fertility from fertility professionals Emily and Laura who will guide you on a path to make the nutritional and lifestyle changes you need to help support healthy fertility and pregnancy. This book includes:

  • The Standard American Diet and Fertility- What’s Going Wrong?
  • Embracing a Conscious Conception
  • Adopting a Traditional Foods Diet
  • Understanding the Basic Fertility Work-up
  • Endometriosis, Fibroids and Polyps
  • The Male Factor

This book is beautifully done and is jam packed with information on how to improve your diet and lifestyle habits to boost fertility. It also includes some delicious and nutritious recipe ideas, such as Creamy Egg Drop Soup, SuperPowered Chocolate Pudding and California Burgers, to literally feed your  fertility. I highly recommend this book to my readers and clients who are interested in getting pregnant. You can click here to order your copy directly from Amazon or you can enter to win a copy of your own! Winner will be announced April 15! Enter to win below!


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December Giveaway

Detox Giveaway

The holidays are almost here and I can’t wait to get back on track and reset fresh for the New Year with a cleansing detox. The typical New Year cliche of starting of the year focusing on health and wellness is a common theme for me. I feel as the dog days of Summer come to a close and the weather gets cooler I tend to slack off, eat comfort foods and indulge in the holidays without guilt. By this time every year I am so looking forward to a nice post-holiday cleanse. I will be doing an awesome detox diet that my friend Kristen at MIX Wellness Solutions offers which I did after Summer and LOVED! I was able to eat amazing fresh, whole foods, had amazing energy and lost 4″! The best part was it was unlike any detox I have done before because I didn’t feel like deprived like I have felt from other cleanses. The recipes were delicious and I learned that my body reacts to certain foods.

Are you:

  • Feeling like you need to drop a few pounds

  • Tired

  • Bloated or irregular

  • Suffering from skin problems (acne, rashes, eczema)

  • Having trouble sleeping

  • In a constant brain fog or have trouble concentrating

  • Sick of looking at a closet full of clothes and still not finding anything to wear

  • Dealing with allergies

  • Popping pills for headaches, joint pain, or muscle aches

  • Covering up those dark circles and puffy eyes with makeup and expensive skin creams

  • Battling cravings

  • Moody


If so, this month’s giveaway is for you!


I’m so excited to be teaming up with Kristen over at MIX | wellness solutions for a balanced life and some of my favorite bloggers to give YOU the chance to reclaim your inner Superwoman (or man) and WIN a coveted spot in The Superwoman Slim Down: A Real Food Detox & Cleanse for Real Women (a $347 value!)! Read all about it here.

This is NOT your average detox. The Superwoman Slim Down is a fully-supported “done-for you” 21 day 100% REAL FOOD, hunger-free program led by experienced registered nurse, certified health and wellness coach, and certified specialist in fitness nutrition, Kristen Boucher! She will teach you step-by-step how to feel better than you ever imagined in your own skin, while eating delicious, nutrient-dense, metabolism-boosting foods and (finally) making your health a priority! But don’t take my word for it! Check out what these former Superwomen have to say about it here.


Giveaway Details

One winner will receive a FREE SPOT in the January 2015 Superwoman Slim Down: A Real Food Detox & Cleanse for Real Women (a $347 value), which kicks off on Monday, January 5th – right after the holiday free-for-all!

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The Fine Print


The giveaway ends at midnight ET, January 2, 2015. I will announce the lucky winner on January 3, 2015. Once contacted, the lucky winner will have 48 hours to respond with his/her full name and email address.  There is no purchase necessary to win. This giveaway is open to everyone except where prohibited by law.