Benefits of Grass Fed Beef vs Grain Fed

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Benefits of Grass Fed Beef

We’ve all heard the old adage “You Are What You Eat!’ Well the same is true for our food. Animals that eat healthier and live better lives produce better quality meat that contains more nutrients. This post will share with you why we purchase grass-fed beef and make an effort to seek out restaurants that do the same.

Benefits of Grass Fed Beef versus Grain Fed

Grass Fed Beef:

  • Raised More Humanely
  • Produce right kind of fat
  • Healthier and meat safer
  • Less or no antibiotics
  • Antioxidants
  • High in Vitamins and Nutrient

Benefits of grass fed beef are that the meat contains healthier fats than grain fed. The meat is higher in Omega-3, 4 times higher in Vitamin E and higher in CLA, which is associated with a lower cancer risk. Grass fed cows are free to graze and forage for other food naturally which keeps the PH in their bodies alkaline making them healthier. They have ample space to range unlike most commercial cattle which live in very small and caged in spaces. Because they are healthier and live a better lifestyle they produce much better meat quality than grain fed cattle.

Grain Fed Beef:

  • Raised in feedlots
  • Given antibiotics
  • Typically GMO soy/corn fed
  • Stressful/Inhumane living conditions

Cows bodies were made to digest grass, but since World War II many farmers switched to corn and grain feed because the diet helped to fatten up the cows faster for slaughter. About 80 years ago it took a cow 4-5 years to get up to the weight of 1,200 pounds, grain fed beef nowadays can reach that weight in 14-15 months of age because of antibiotics and growth hormones, massive amounts of corn feed and protein supplements. This is explained in detail in the book The Food Revolution: How Diet Can Help Save Your Life and Our World (where to buy). Grain feed beef is much more unhealthy suffering from many illnesses caused by the grain diet, paired with inhumane living conditions, causing the need for antibiotics. Grain fed beef also has a higher threat of E. Coli bacteria which can be passed along when consumed. Compared to it’s grass fed counterpart, grain fed beef is unhealthy.

Organic Beef and Grass-Fed beef are not the same thing. Organic beef is raised without antibiotics and hormones, but sadly is still feed a grain diet. Many specialty stores, farmer’s markets and health food chains such as Whole Foods carry grass-fed organic beef. Or you can consider buying directly from a local farmer which you can find here US Wellness Meats sells quality grassland meat products – Visit us Online!

Our Experience

We have been ordering grass fed beef from a local rancher for the past 8 months and love it. I can taste such a difference in the meat, it is more lean and the flavor is delicious. I hardly even have to season the meat. It is more expensive than the commercial beef I was buying, but only by like $1 or $2 a pound. To us, the health benefits of grass fed beef and the quality of meat are well worth it. What we do is cut our meat portions in half and make extra sides and veggies.

Have you tried grass-fed beef yet? Did you notice a difference in taste? We would love for you to share your experience.

Benefits of Grass Fed Beef


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