Benefits of a Menstrual Cup vs Tampons

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One of the best decisions I made to date is to ditch tampons! My only regret was that I didn’t do it sooner. Many people ask why I did it and what I use instead. The answer is a menstrual cup You can click here to read my post about 8 reasons to ditch tampons. This post will share with you the benefits of a menstrual cup vs tampons.

The Benefits of a Menstrual Cup vs Tampons

When I first heard about a menstrual cup several years ago I was like “Oh Hell No……. ” it sounded like a messy ordeal that I wanted nothing to do with. Fast forward a few years to my crunchier self who was looking for an alternative to tampons. The more I learned about tampons the more I couldn’t wait to ditch them. It was money being spent every month and a lot of environmental waste. Add that up month over month and year over year! I was on the hunt for something different. That is when I started looking more into the benefits of a menstrual cup vs tampons. Here is a great article that goes more in depth about menstrual cups and how to use them.

Menstrual Cups are More Cost Efficient

On average $100 a year on tampons compared to about $40 for a menstrual cup which can last several years if taken care of properly. Because they are reusable you never have to worry about running out of tampons and having to make an emergency trip when your visitor shows up unexpected.

Menstrual Cups are Better for the Environment

On average 12,000 tampons in a lifetime for every menstruating woman. 170,000 plastic applicators are found along U.S. coastal areas in a single year. This plastic applicators take about 500 years to completely break down. Tampons and sanitary pads create a lot of waste and I am happy to no longer being a contributor to that problem.

Menstrual Cups are Safer

Tampons are filled with chemicals, GMO’s and even sometimes fragrances. They leave fibers in the vagina and can be associated with many problems such as dryness and irritation and even including toxic shock syndrome. Menstrual cups are made of medical grade silicon and have zero reported cases of toxic shock syndrome, doesn’t cause dryness or leave fibers. Because it doesn’t absorb moisture it does not cause drying which makes for a happier hoo-haa!


My Experience

Like I said earlier, I am so happy with my choice to try a menstrual cup, I just wish I would have down it sooner. It can be a bit awkward at first to get used to, but there was a learning curve when I started using tampons in high school too. After you use the cup a few times you begin to get more comfortable with how to use it and it’s not an issue. I think it is much more comfortable than tampons and absolutely love the zero waste factor. Making a switch to using a menstrual cup was one step I took towards balancing my hormones. In conjuction with essential oils, taking maca and raspberry leaf tea regularly and a few other lifestyle changes my periods became more regular and my cramps have lessened greatly since I started making conscious changes to take a proactive approach to my hormone healthy.

I recently just tried a new brand of menstrual cups called Sckoon Cup which is made in the U.S.A.  I was very happy with the design and how well it worked and I would recommend this brand to anyone looking to try using a menstrual cup as an alternative to tampons. You can click here to order your own and enter code 4MQB7P ! I urge you to give it a try and see if it changes your life like it did me! Take a healthy and eco-friendly approach to your monthly cycle and see the change for yourself!



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