5 Reasons to Buy Your Groceries Online!

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As a busy mom I am always looking for new ways to save time and money without compromising the values that are important to me. A couple years ago I decided to try grocery shopping online and I have to tell you, it has been both a money and a time saver and my house is stocked up with delicious organic ingredients and real foods and grass-fed meats and other items. The best part is I don’t even have to go to the grocery store! Here are 5 reasons to buy your groceries online!

5 Reasons to Buy Your Groceries Online

  1. Save Time – Heading to the grocery store, especially with kids, can be time consuming and stressful. If you go to the store at a busy time it can be challenging finding a parking spot and you can even spend time waiting in line to check out. Do you really want to spend your free time grocery shopping? I know I don’t, so I had to give online shopping a try. I will tell you, I do not miss grocery shopping. I can get most of my shopping done online, in my pajamas, drinking wine, once the kids go to bed or whenever works for me! I won’t lie….it’s pretty awesome!
  2. Save Money – Time is money, gas is money, and to get the best prices you can often hop all around town trying to take advantage of discounts and specials. With online retailers many places offer regular discounts, coupon codes, free promotions, or free shipping with a minimum order amount. You can buy from multiple retailers without having to leave the comfort of your home. I find that when I am able to shop in a more relaxed setting I make better decisions when it comes to how much I spend and the types of food I buy.
  3. Get premium Foods – Get organic foods, grass-fed meats, and healthy snacks delivered to your doorstep. How does it get much better than that?! It can be costly heading to health food stores to grocery shop, and I find that despite my best intentions, I end up spending too much on things we don’t need. With online shopping I can get what I want for a lower price and I don’t even have to leave my house! Which leads me to reason #4……
  4. You won’t have to take the kids to the store! – Seriously, moms…..do I have to say anything other than that? You can do your grocery shopping at your leisure, without anyone whining about wanting treats or fighting with their sibling. Add that to the stress of kids who are begging you to buy every treat in sight, having to go to the bathroom, fighting with their sibling, etc.  The best thing about online grocery shopping? You can avoid all that, or at least minimize it quite a bit. We still go to our local coop and Farmer’s Markets for things like Raw milk and produce, but our grocery shopping trips are much more relaxed, and less frequent since I started buying most of my groceries online.
  5. It’s Fun to get food delivered! – It’s like food Christmas! All you have to do is put it away! How easy is that?! I love it and get so excited on food delivery days! And I’ve never had any problems with spoilage or anything like that. Everything is fresh and in great condition and packaged appropriately. The meats have plenty of cooling included in case you cannot get to it right away. I’ve had mine arrive while I was out running errands on a hot day and the meat was still frozen when I went to put it away a couple hours later.

Con – The only real con is that if you need food in your house ASAP you will have to visit a store. Ordering online means that you must be prepared. It can take 1-3 days to receive orders so you need to plan accordingly. I usually place an order when I see that our cupboards and fridge/freezer are getting low so that I receive a delivery before we completely run out.

Where I Shop Online

These are my favorite places to shop online:

Thrive Market: – This is essentially Whole Foods meets Costco! I love ordering snacks for lunches and baking and cooking ingredients at 25-50% lower than anywhere else! Use this link and get an additional 15% off your first order!

US Wellness Meats: – I love their selections of so many grass-fed meats, wild-caught seafoods and they have lots of sugar free options of bacons and sausages too. They have an amazing selection and they ship really fast!


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